Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  List of Complaints Type(as on 13/12/2017 12:30 PM )  
      Total 268
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SNo.CategorySub CategoryComplaint
1 CivilCarpenterAlmirah Repair
2 CivilCarpenterDoor bolt faulty
3 CivilCarpenterDoor need to be changed
4 CivilCarpenterDoor or window jammed
5 CivilCarpenterDoor Repair
6 CivilCarpenterGlass pane broken
7 CivilCarpenterGlass shelf broken
8 CivilCarpenterJaffri Repair
9 CivilCarpenterLooking Mirror Fixed
10 CivilCarpenterMirror broken
11 CivilCarpenterSliding Door to be fixed
12 CivilCarpenterTermite Treatment (Carpenter)
13 CivilCarpenterTowel rod to be replaced
14 CivilCarpenterTower bolt faulty
15 CivilCarpenterWindow need to be changed
16 CivilCarpenterWiremesh broken
17 CivilEmergencyDrain Blocked (Inside House)
18 CivilEmergencyFlush overflow
19 CivilEmergencyPipe Leaking (Inside House)
20 CivilEmergencyWater overflow-Kitchen/Bathroom Tank
21 CivilEmergencyWC Blocked (Inside House)
22 CivilFurnitureChange of Cotton Mattress
23 CivilFurnitureChange of table Top Glass
24 CivilFurnitureChange of tapestry cloth of Dinning Chairs
25 CivilFurnitureChange of tapestry cloth of Revolving Chairs
26 CivilFurnitureChange of tapestry cloth of Sofa Sets
27 CivilFurnitureCurtain rod replacement
28 CivilFurnitureRepair of furniture
29 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Bed
30 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Bed side  Table
31 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Chairs/Dinning Chairs
32 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Chicks
33 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Curtains (Old)
34 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Dewan
35 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Drapery Rods
36 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Dressing Table
37 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Folding Bed
38 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Frisking Shed
39 CivilFurnitureRepairing of glass panes of Center Table
40 CivilFurnitureRepairing of glass panes of Dinning Table
41 CivilFurnitureRepairing of glass panes of Frisking Shed
42 CivilFurnitureRepairing of lock of side Board
43 CivilFurnitureRepairing of lock of Steel Almirah
44 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Peg/Stool Table
45 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Pelmet
46 CivilFurnitureRepairing of revalving chairs
47 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Sanitary Box
48 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Side Board
49 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Sofa Set
50 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Table/Dinning Table
51 CivilFurnitureRepairing of Wooden Almirah
52 CivilFurnitureReplacement of Mattress R.C
53 CivilFurnitureReturn the Old Furniture from Bunglow
54 CivilFurnitureSend the old Furniture
55 CivilFurnitureTermite in Furniture
56 CivilFurnitureWashing of carpet
57 CivilFurnitureWashing of curtains
58 CivilFurnitureWashing of Sofa Covers
59 CivilMasonBrick work repair
60 CivilMasonChange of WC
61 CivilMasonChange of WC Seat
62 CivilMasonFlooring  Repair
63 CivilMasonLeakage in Drain Pipe
64 CivilMasonLeaking Roof
65 CivilMasonMaking AC opening
66 CivilMasonMason Work
67 CivilMasonPlaster repair
68 CivilMasonRemove Vegetation-Roof/Building
69 CivilMasonSeepage
70 CivilMasonWall tiles repair
71 CivilOthersMiscellaneous
72 CivilPainterJaffri painting
73 CivilPainterPainiting of Frisking Shed
74 CivilPainterPainter required
75 CivilPainterPainting of Sanitary Box
76 CivilPainterPolish or painting required
77 CivilPainterPolishing of furniture
78 CivilPeriodicApplying dry distemper
79 CivilPeriodicCleaning and disinfecting of water storage/distribution tank, water mains
80 CivilPeriodicCleaning of Manholes/Gully chambers/Inspection chambers and flushing of building sewers
81 CivilPeriodicCleaning of storm water drains
82 CivilPeriodicPainting external surface with water proofing cement paint
83 CivilPeriodicPainting steel water tanks inside with bitumastic paint
84 CivilPeriodicPainting with plaster paint, synthetic enamel paint, Oil bound distemper, acrylic paint, acrylic distemper
85 CivilPeriodicPolishing wooden doors/windows with sprit polish/polish/synthetic acrylic polish
86 CivilPeriodicPremix, semi dense/dense carpetting of roads
87 CivilPeriodicText mat or poly mat based equivalent synthetic silicon based exterior paint
88 CivilPeriodicWhite washing
89 CivilPlumberBallcock to be fixed
90 CivilPlumberBasin waste pipe broken
91 CivilPlumberCoupling of sink is defective
92 CivilPlumberDrain Jali required
93 CivilPlumberFlush not working
94 CivilPlumberLeakage in unfiltered water pipe
95 CivilPlumberNo unfiltered water
96 CivilPlumberNo water
97 CivilPlumberNo Water-Kitchen/Bathroom
98 CivilPlumberNo Water-WC
99 CivilPlumberOverflow-Roof Storage Tank
100 CivilPlumberPipe Leaking (Outside House)
101 CivilPlumberRepairs to water supply fittings
102 CivilPlumberShower broken/dismantled
103 CivilPlumberSink waste pipe broken
104 CivilPlumberSink/Washbasin broken
105 CivilPlumberSink/Washbasin leakage
106 CivilPlumberTank cover required
107 CivilPlumberTank pipe broken
108 CivilPlumberTap Faulty
109 CivilPlumberUrinal waste Pipe repair
110 CivilPlumberWater not reaching in overhead tank
111 CivilPlumberWater pipe line Leakage
112 CivilRoad WorkMalba to be removed
113 CivilRoad WorkRoad Grass to be cut
114 CivilSewer ManDrain Blocked (Outside House)
115 CivilSewer ManManhole Cover Missing
116 CivilSewer ManSewer man required
117 CivilUpgradation60 cm high white glazed tiles (Size 8"x12") dado from skirting level upto 60cm height above the kitchen platform above and along the worktop and around and below kitchen sink excluding areas where built in cupboards are fixed
118 CivilUpgradation60cm high white glazed tiles (Size 8”x12”) above and along the work platform and around and below kitchen sink
119 CivilUpgradation60cm high white glazed tiles (Size 8”x8”) above and along the work platform and around and below kitchen sink
120 CivilUpgradationAddition of water storage capacity upto 150lt per DU by providing additional loft tank including connected plumbing work in kitchen and toilets
121 CivilUpgradationAddition of water storage capacity upto 300lt per DU by providing additional tank at terrace. If not possible 100/150 litre capacity loft tank including connected plumbing work in kitchen and toilets
122 CivilUpgradationAll walls and ceiling to be treated with 2mm thick POP (one time only) followed by oil bound distemper. Synthetic enamel paint on all wood work and steel work
123 CivilUpgradationAll walls and ceiling to be treated with 2mm thick POP (one time only) followed by plastic emulsion paint. Synthetic enamel paint on all wood work and steel work
124 CivilUpgradationAnodized aluminium Pegs in bathroom/ towel rings (1 No.) as per feasibility
125 CivilUpgradationBuilt in cupboards in bedrooms as per standard drawings where no cupboard provided earlier, where openings are available the same will be covered with built in cupboard as per approved drawings.In case of such only cupboard shutters with wooden frames shall be provided
126 CivilUpgradationCeramic floor tile (Size 12”x12” Matt finish) of approved design
127 CivilUpgradationCeramic floor tile (Size 8”x8” Matt finish) of approved design.
128 CivilUpgradationCeramic floor tiles (Size 12”x12” Matt finish) flooring over existing floors
129 CivilUpgradationCeramic floor tiles (Size 8”x8” Matt finish) flooring over existing floors
130 CivilUpgradationCeramic kitchen sink without drain board
131 CivilUpgradationCeramic white glazed tile (Minimum Size 8"x12") up to door lintel level
132 CivilUpgradationCeramic white glazed tile (Size 8”x8”) upto door built level
133 CivilUpgradationChanging of Indian WC to European WC & vice versa (It will be free of cost once for an allottee)
134 CivilUpgradationCovering of shelves below kitchen counter with cupboard shutter or built in cupboard where concrete/ stone shelves are not existing (except gas area) (Items to be done as per approved and demonstrated design)
135 CivilUpgradationCovering of shelves below kitchen counter with cupboard shutter or built in cupboard where concrete/stone shelves are not existing (except gas area) and overhead cabinets (With preliminated board with beige/grey shade). (Items to be demonstrated design)done as per approved and
136 CivilUpgradationCP Brass pegs and towel rail in bathroom, towel ring at washbasin with CP brass mixer tap (preferably single lever)
137 CivilUpgradationCurtain rods with brackets
138 CivilUpgradationDado of ceramic tile light grey/dull green shade 12”x12” size up to 120 cm height above skirting including green marble nosing
139 CivilUpgradationDrapery rods with brackets
140 CivilUpgradationGlazing of verandah/ balcony, using M.S. window section (to be done as per approved design) if requisitioned by the allottee
141 CivilUpgradationGlazing of verandah/ balcony, with powder coated aluminium section of matching shade (to be done as per approved design) if requisitioned by the allottee
142 CivilUpgradationGranite with pre-polished and pre-moulded nosing
143 CivilUpgradationGreen marble – pre-polished with pre-moulded nosing
144 CivilUpgradationGrey/Beige color Ceramic floor tile (Size 12”x12” Malt finish) of approved design
145 CivilUpgradationGrey/Beige color Ceramic floor tile (Size 8”x8” Malt finish) of approved design
146 CivilUpgradationGrey/Beige color rectified ceramic floor tile (Size 16”x16” Malt finish) of approved design
147 CivilUpgradationKota stone flooring and matching skirting in staircases, single piece pre-polished kota stone slab with pre-finished nosing shall be used
148 CivilUpgradationLooking mirror with PTMT frame and glass shelves with stainless steel/ CP Brass frame at Washbasins
149 CivilUpgradationMagic eye in the main entry door
150 CivilUpgradationOne looking mirror with PTMT frame and with one glass shelf with anodized aluminium frame
151 CivilUpgradationOne wash basin with one pillar tap at appropriate location
152 CivilUpgradationOne wash basin with one pillar tap at appropriate location as per the space available
153 CivilUpgradationPavement of areas around the premises with suitable material in an approved manner
154 CivilUpgradationPlumbing for geysers
155 CivilUpgradationPlumbing for water purifier and geyser
156 CivilUpgradationPre-coated chain link fencing with iron gate, if feasible. The height of pre-coated chain link fencing with 90 cm over 30 cm high toe wall with permanent finish to be provided. (Area around the quarter to be defined/restricted for proper aesthetics and to facilitate parking of vehicles of upper floor houses as per site condition and in an approved uniform manner)
157 CivilUpgradationPre-finished/Pre-polished granite threshold 100mm high and 100mm wide in shower area in combined toilet
158 CivilUpgradationRectified Ceramic floor tiles (Size 16”x16” Matt finish) flooring over existing floors
159 CivilUpgradationRectified ceramic floor tiles (Size 16”x16”) of approved design
160 CivilUpgradationRemoval of chimney wherever existing
161 CivilUpgradationRepair of all walls and ceilling (one time only) followed by colour-wash.Synthetic enamel paint on all wood work and steel work
162 CivilUpgradationStainless steel kitchen sink with drain board wherever possible
163 CivilUpgradationStainless street kitchen sink without drain board
164 CivilUpgradationUpgradation Work
165 CivilUpgradationWire gauze shutters for main entrance door. This will be made of MS tube/angle iron with grills and wire gauge as per approved design. In case of balcony, wire gauge shutters for door to be provided only in those quarters where balconies have not been covered
166 CivilUpgradationWire-gauze shutters for windows with 2nd class teakwood
167 CivilUpgradationWire-gauze shutters for windows with hard wood/LVL
168 CivilUpgradationWire-gauze shutters for windows, with steel section
169 CivilWelderIron door/Window repair
170 ElectricalAccessoriesBell faulty
171 ElectricalAccessoriesBulb Holder Faulty
172 ElectricalAccessoriesLamp Shades to be changed
173 ElectricalAccessoriesMCB Malfunctioning
174 ElectricalAccessoriesRegulator faulty
175 ElectricalAccessoriesReplacement of Bulb
176 ElectricalAccessoriesReplacement of CFL
177 ElectricalAccessoriesReplacement of Tube
178 ElectricalAccessoriesSocket/Switch Faulty
179 ElectricalAccessoriesTee/Inspection Box Covers required
180 ElectricalAccessoriesTube not working
181 ElectricalEmergency ComplaintsLeakage of Current
182 ElectricalEmergency ComplaintsNo power (Inside House)
183 ElectricalEmergency ComplaintsNo Power (Portion of Building)
184 ElectricalEmergency ComplaintsNo power (portion of House)
185 ElectricalEmergency ComplaintsOut Break of Fire
186 ElectricalEmergency ComplaintsSparking/Short Circuit
187 ElectricalEmergency ComplaintsTrapped in Lift
188 ElectricalFire Fighting / Alarm SystemFalse Alarm/Indication
189 ElectricalFire Fighting / Alarm SystemLeakage in Hydrant
190 ElectricalFire Fighting / Alarm SystemManual Call point Glass Broken
191 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsA.C. faulty
192 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsAqua Guard/RO Faulty
193 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsCeiling Fan Faulty
194 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsCeiling Fan to be changed
195 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsCooler Faulty
196 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsCooler Pump Faulty
197 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsCooler tank leakage
198 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsElectric Chimney to be repaired
199 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsExhaust fan faulty
200 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsExhaust Fan Louvers required
201 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsExhaust Fan to be changed
202 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsGate light faulty
203 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsGeyser faulty
204 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsHeater/Convector faulty
205 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsRefrigerator Faulty
206 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsSolar Water Heater Faulty
207 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsWater Cooler Faulty
208 ElectricalFittings & EquipmentsWater Pumpset Faulty
209 ElectricalLiftCar call not accepting
210 ElectricalLiftEmergency Light Faulty
211 ElectricalLiftLanding call not accepting
212 ElectricalLiftLift Fan Faulty
213 ElectricalLiftLift Light Faulty
214 ElectricalLiftLift Not Working
215 ElectricalLiftNon-functional indicator (car)
216 ElectricalLiftNon-functional indicator (landing)
217 ElectricalLiftUnusual noise in Lift
218 ElectricalOthersLobby/Corridor Light Faulty
219 ElectricalOthersMiscellaneous
220 ElectricalOthersStaircase/Common area Light repair
221 ElectricalOthersStreet/Compound Light Faulty
222 ElectricalOthersWiring to be changed
223 ElectricalPeriodicCleaning Electrical installations, fans etc.
224 ElectricalUpgradationAdditional ceiling fan to be provided in balcony/verandah
225 ElectricalUpgradationAdditional power plug points/light plug points/light points
226 ElectricalUpgradationCable TV point
227 ElectricalUpgradationCall bell from main house to servant’s qtr. and from main gate pillar to the qtr (Wherever existing)
228 ElectricalUpgradationCall bell point from ground fllor at stair entrance to first floor quarters where grill door has been provided on stair entry
229 ElectricalUpgradationChange of cable from feeder pillar to house, if required due to increased load in house
230 ElectricalUpgradationElectrical Points including light, fan, call bell and 5 Amp. Plug points
231 ElectricalUpgradationFancy light fittings
232 ElectricalUpgradationFluorescent light fittings (excluding tube lights and starter)
233 ElectricalUpgradationFresh air fan in kitchen and toilets
234 ElectricalUpgradationOne No. Door call bell
235 ElectricalUpgradationPower Points (15 Amp. 6 – Pins)
236 ElectricalUpgradationPower Points (15 Amp. 6 – Pins) Servant quarter and garage where ever available
237 ElectricalUpgradationPower Points one in kitchen and one in bedroom (DP-MCB Type)
238 ElectricalUpgradationPower Sockets (DP-MCB) type) for air conditioner/geyser
239 ElectricalUpgradationRecessed conduit wiring
240 ElectricalUpgradationServant quarters/garage (1 Number)
241 ElectricalUpgradationTelephone Points
242 ElectricalUpgradationTube light fittings with tube light/CFL in common circulation areas/ staircases
243 ElectricalUpgradationUpgradation Work
244 ElectricalUpgradationVentilation fan one in kitchen and one for WC
245 HorticultureHorticultureEradication of Motha from lawn
246 HorticultureHorticultureGrass Cutting
247 HorticultureHorticultureHedge Cutting
248 HorticultureHorticultureLawn grass to be cut
249 HorticultureHorticultureLeveling of grounds
250 HorticultureHorticultureMali 3-4 days (Entit.Alternate Days)
251 HorticultureHorticultureMali 7 days (Entit.once in week)
252 HorticultureHorticultureMali Absent/Required
253 HorticultureHorticultureMali Daily Entitlement
254 HorticultureHorticultureMali required
255 HorticultureHorticultureMowing required
256 HorticultureHorticulturePlanting New Hedge
257 HorticultureHorticulturePruning of trees
258 HorticultureHorticultureRegrassing
259 HorticultureHorticultureRemoval of fallen tree
260 HorticultureHorticultureRemoval of Garden Waste
261 HorticultureHorticultureSpray of Insecticide on plants
262 HorticultureHorticultureSupply of Good Earth
263 HorticultureHorticultureSupply of Manure/Fertilizer
264 HorticultureHorticultureSupply of pipe
265 HorticultureHorticultureSupply of plants
266 HorticultureHorticultureSupply of Seedlings/bulbs/Seeds
267 HorticultureHorticultureWeeding of Lawns
268 HorticultureOthersMiscellaneous